Beaches in Milos distinguish for their unique natural beauty and gorgeous water. The magnificent colours and the interesting rock formations of Milos beaches provide great places to spend a day at the sea. Most famous beach is Sarakiniko, a moonscape place with abrupt white rocks. 

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Mountain View


Mountain View


Mountain View


Mountain View


Hot Springs

Milos thanks to the volcanic activity and the meta-volcanic hydrothermal action has a lot of hot springs, well-known in antiquity for their therapeutic powers. Characteristically, Hippocrates in his book E’ “On epidemics” refers to the therapy of an eminent Athenian who suffered from a skin disease and who was cured at the Hot Springs of Lakkos in Milos. Furthermore, the French professor  of Botanic Pitton de Tournefort refers to the island’s  hot springs in his “tour” texts in 1771.

At the  beaches :Alikes, Provatas, Skinopi, Paliohori, Tria Pigadia, Kanava, in the places where hot springs exist, you will see fumaroles gushing within the sea water and you can enjoy your swim completely for free all year round.

However, out of all the hot springs, the only exploitable and recognized as a therapeutic spa-spring of a healing importance, is that of “Lakkos” in Adamantas, which is mentioned in Hippocrates’s works.

The hot springs of Lakkos are opened for spa-treatments from the 15th of July till the 15th of October, from 7a.m. till 1p.m.

Milos Mining Museum

The Milos Mining Museum (MMM) is located in Adamas, the island’s main port.

The Museum’s aim is to promote the rich geological and mining history of Milos and to pay homage to all those who have worked hard in order to develop the island’s mineral wealth that contributed greatly to its financial and cultural affluence during its long and uninterrupted history.

The MMM was established and operates with the support of S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. The first steps for its creation were taken in 1995 and it was completed three years later, opening its doors to the public on 23 May 1998.

With an aim to inform and to educate the public, the MMM organizes periodic exhibitions, scientific conferences, as well as special guided visits to industrial facilities, mines and areas with geological interest, while it also publishes books on subjects related to mineral resources and mining.

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